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Oxygen gas analyzer IKTS-11

Operative oxygen control.
To control boiler efficiency.
To reduce CO and NОx emissions.
To ensure safety in coal supply systems.
A wide choice of variants.

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Optical dust counter SOM-16

For thin-walled gas ducts and pipes.
For rigid gas ducts and transmission-type pipes «examine in transmitted light».
To be installed before and after sleeve filters and electric filters.

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Flue gas flowmeter IS-14.M

Developed to be operated in the atmosphere of hot, humid and dusted flue gases.
There are no requirements for the length of the straight sections of gas ducts and pipes.

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Electrochemical gas analyzer PEM-4M

Simple and convenient configuration.
Easy in service.
For environmental and technological control.

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Optical gas analyzer PEM-2М

Professional system for sampling gases, transporting the sample and preparation for gas analysis.
A possibility of successive measurements from several sampling points.

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Heat pumps

Energy-saving technologies.
Work in the offline mode.
Suitable for heating and cooling.

About the Group of Companies

ECOMER Group of Companies is a Russian holding specializing in development, production and introduction of equipment meant for environmental and technological monitoring, gas analysis and saving of energy.

ECOMER Group of Companies (managing company) includes:

  • Promanalytpribor JSC. – development and production of gas analytical equipment (R&D, Production, Service and Maintenance)
  • Promavtomatika Ltd. – Promanalitikapribor Corp. trading house
  • Umgrad Ltd. – production of heat pumps and installation of engineering systems (Heat pumps and installation of engineering systems).


Company structure



Equipment under the brand "ECOMER"тм is operated at one in 30% power plants of Russia.

The core of the specialists’ team is composed of highly skilled specialists who worked in the world-known scientific center, Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. The company’s history started from the idea of using a development for the needs in the industry and the energy sector, which became the basis for creating a unique technology of optical gas analysis.

The Group of Companies now

Now "ECOMER" is the leading Russian brand in the segment of development and manufacture of flue gas analyzers.

Every year, more than 50 industrial enterprises become clients of "ECOMER" Group of Companies.

The geography of supplies covers all the regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Kyrgyzstan.

The Group of Companies has a rich experience of supplies to enterprises from different industries:

  • energy production,
  • oil refinery,
  • chemical industry,
  • metallurgy,
  • cement production,
  • timber processing,
  • machine building,
  • and other.


Search for partners

We need partners to promote and service ecomer gas analyzers in your country. We are ready to consider options for creating a joint venture, including the organization of Assembly production.

Consider the options for cooperation

Let's consider options of cooperation, dealership, representation on Your products, for the organization of sales, service support in Russia and the CIS countries with a possibility of contract production on Assembly production of ecomer group of companies»

A project-based approach



In our work, we use a project-oriented approach: each task set is viewed as new. We are convinced that there are no standard projects, and therefore, each new project is developed with all the company’s technical subdivisions participating in the process. With such an approach, all the individual features of a project are taken into consideration, and the customer receives a solution that is appropriate for tasks.

Individual solutions for each customer.


Supply experience / Our projects



Petropavlovsk thermal power plant, Kazakhstan
projects1 min


Our cooperation with Petropavlovsk thermal power plant started in 2009 with the supply of oxygen analyzers in smoke gases emitted from coal-operated boilers. Later, the client equipped most boilers with our emission control systems. Overall, more than 50 gas analyzers and dust counters have been supplied to the plant.


MMK Magnitogorsk Steel Works, Russia
projects1 min


The first supply of the gas analyzer IKTS-11 started in 2011 as an alternative for Australia-made oxygen meters. By 2019, 50 different gas analyzers, dust counters and discharge meters were supplied to be used in the solution of environmental and technological tasks.


Lebedinsky GOK, Russia
projects1 min


In 2016, a system of operative monitoring of emission control (CEMS) was supplied for the shop of hot briquetting of the iron ore. CEMS consists of an optical gas analyzer, a dust counter and a discharge meter.


Atyrau oil refinery, Kazakhstan

projects1 min


Since 2010, 10 gas analyzer sets have been supplied to the ore-mining and processing works to monitor gas emissions (CEMS) and 20 oxygen analyzers, including the blast-proof variants.


Kostolac-B power plant, Serbia

projects1 min


О2 concentration is measured at high temperatures in the coal dust boiler to raise boiler efficiency.


Omsk thermal power plant-5, Russia

projects1 min


Development and supply of a continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS), with the gas analyzer installed in a module building at Omsk thermal power plant-5. Since 2011, 35 gas analyzers produced by ECOMER have been installed at the plant.


Kyrgazteploenergo, Kyrgyzstan

projects1 min


Supply of gas analyzers to monitor oxygen concentration in the systems of preparation and transportation of the coal dust fuel and in the smoke gases of boilers operated on coal dust fuel. From 2017 to 2019, 5 sets of equipment were supplied.


Kemerovo coking coal plant, Russia

projects1 min


Supply of a continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) in 2019. The CEMS includes: - an optical gas analyzer; - a discharge meter; - a moisture meter.


Spasskcement, Russia
projects1 min


Supply of two sets of equipment to ensure technological control of О2, СО, and СО2.


Sibur Holding, Russia
projects1 min


In 2016, the blast-proof oxygen gas analyzer IKTS-11. Ex was first supplied. Now five such analyzers are operated at two facilities of the holding.

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