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Oxygen analyzer IKTS-11



Oxygen analyzer IKTS-11  is designed for fast, reliable, precise and continuous measurement of oxygen concentration  in flue gases and in systems of preparation and transportation of the coal dust fuel.


The use of the IKTS-11 gas analyzer leads to the following results:

  • Raising the efficiency of fuel combustion;
  • Reducing emissions of СО and NOx;
  • Ensuring safety from self-ignition under conditions of coal production.


Reliable and simple design

  • Inexpensive and reliable serial sensor based on zirconium ceramics (ZrO2)
  • High speed of operation and high precision of measurements (Т90=10 s)
  • Availability of a parallel current output
  • Customized choice of a probe depending on the environmental conditions
  • Control over СО concentration (optional)
  • Calculation of СО2 concentration and efficiency (optional)

Design and principle of operation

A solid electrolyte sensor is used in the gas analyzer based on zirconium-containing ceramics (ZrO 2)

The probe is installed in the gas duct.

О2 sensor is installed in the measuring module of the probe outside the gas duct.

Oxygen concentration is determined from the difference between static and dynamic pressures in the probe.

The measuring module is installed in a box (safety degree IP66). It is installed at the distance of up to 20 m from the probe.


Options of manufacture


Box IP66

Dimensions 600x400x210, 400х400х210 mm.

Weight without probe is max 20 kg.

The device is normally supplied in an indoor or outdoor box with an extended temperature range.

Three channels of analogue current output signals with customizable range from 0 to 20 mA.
prod1 1

Smoke gases

1 – Probe with О2 sensor

2 - IKTS-11 – measuring module

3 – Cable of О2 sensor


Box IP66

Dimensions 600х400х210 mm.

Weight without probe is max 20 kg.

In addition to oxygen concentration, the device may measure СО and/or NO.

The device kit includes a sampling line with a system of sample preparation
prod1 2

1 - Probe with О2 sensor

2 - IKTS-11.1 – measuring module

3 - Cable of О2 sensor

4 – Sample transportation line

5 – Aspiration module (optional)

6 - Aspiration line (optional)


Box IP66

Dimensions 154х60х110 mm.

Weight without probe is 4 kg.

The device is compact and has one current output. The indicator of О2 concentration is in the device. The measuring module has a tie-in connection врезке (angle adjustment is up to 360 degrees). Setting of the current output and calibration are conducted by using a remote control.

The small-sized IKTS-11.M is the most affordable device in the product line of oxygen gas analyzers.

prod1 3

1 – Sampling probe with a О2 sensor

2 - IKTS-11.M – measuring module

3 – Cable of О2 sensor


Box IP65

Cover dimensions, mm:

Sensor ....................134х151х160

Measuring module...... 240х117х271

Weight without probe is max 25 kg.

The sensor box and the measuring module box are blast-proof according to 1ExdIICT3. There is one current output. The indicator of О2 concentrations is built-in into the cover of the measuring module. The current output is set and the instrument is calibrated from a PC through inlet RS-485.
prod1 4

1 - Probe with О2 sensor

in blast-proof cover

2 - IKTS-11.Ех – measuring module

3 – Cable of О2 sensor

4 – Heated box Ех



Metrological characteristics

Component to be determined

Measured concentrations

Limit of the main permissible error





0-5% (vol.)

±0.12% vol.


For all the modifications of IKTS-11

>5-21% (vol.)




2000 ppm

(not rated)

For IKTS-11.1


Technical characteristics



Direct current output, mA (to be set)

0 - 20  /  4 – 20 / 0 – 5

Output, bit-serial interface


Heating time, min., max


Power output without supplementary devices , V*A, max


Electric supply of the gas analyzer is monophase alternating current frequency (50 ± 1) Hz, voltage V

187 – 230

Range of operating ambient temperature, оС

From minus °50 to plus °50*

Analyzed ambient temperature, max оС


Analyzed ambient temperature, special order, max оС


Concentration of mechanical admixtures in analyzed flow, g/m3, max


Concentration of mechanical admixtures in analyzed flow, special order, gг/m3, max


Relative ambient humidity for measurement module, without condensation, %, max


Average time between failures, h


Average service life of the gas analyzers  (without oxygen meter), years


Complete service life of the gas analyzer, years


* Ensured by placing the instrument in a heated box

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