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Flue gas flowmeter IS-14.M


Flue gas flowmeter IS-14.M is meant for continuous measurement of the flow rate and discharge of gases emitted  by fuel-burning plants operated on any type of fuel.



  • Contact-free measurements;
  • Straight sections of the gas duct before and after installation are not necessary;
  • Operation in hot smoke gases up to 1000 °С (special order)
  • Operation in severely dusted environments.


Operating principle

The gas flow rate is measured by the method of infrared cross-correlation.

 The principle of action is based on an innovative approach to measuring the time of passing a known distance by stable fluctuations (non-homogeneities) of the gas flow temperatures.


prod3 1 1,2 – measuring sensors
3 – air pump module
4 – measuring module
5 – Installation frame (optional)
6 – Gas pipe / gas duct


Metrological and technical characteristics



Range of measured gas flow rate, m/s

from 0.2 to 50

Limits of permissible relative error of measuring the gas flow rate under operating conditions δv1, %

in the range from 0.2 through 5m/s under operating conditions,


Limits of permissible relative error of measuring the gas flow rate in the range of over 5 to 50 m/s, %

± 3

Range of measurements of volumetric gas discharge under operating conditions, m3/h

from 150 to 50*106

Direct current output, mA (to be chosen by the user

0 - 20  /  4 – 20 / 0 – 5

Output, bit-serial interface


Alternating current voltage, V

187 – 230

Power input, W, max


Power consumed by IS-14.M, (including power spent on air pump and on heating outdoor box), max


Weight, kg, max

Measuring sensor

Measuring module

Thermocouple THA




Dimensions (diameter/length, height, width), mm, max

Measuring sensor

Measurement module

Thermocouple THA


380; 600;210

60; 300; 60

Pipe diameter for installing the instrument, m


Availability of straight portions of the pipe before and after measurement

Not required

Range of operating ambient temperature, оС

from minus о60 to plus о50*

Ambient temperature, оС

from 70 to 800, optionally up to 1000

Relative ambient humidity for measurement module, without condensation, %, max


Average service life, years


Average time between failures, h


* Ensured by placing the instrument in a heated box

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